Dogs on Thursday: In Which the Bunny Hunter Gets a New Hobby

Well hello there! Where did you come from? Did you take a wrong turn in New Jersey? Did you make a break for it when my pal, Tara the Turtlehunter wasn't looking?

It's no use trying to hide from a beagle y'know.

With my powerful x-ray vision and supercharged nose, I know you're out there....

...I just don't know what you are. You may not have long ears and a cottontail, but I want to hunt you anyway!

(Chloe is confused by all of the barking and howling that is going on at this point. She prefers to save her energy for critters that are fun to herd, like squirrels and small children.)

A few days later....

I knew you'd come back! That's why I've been planted in front of the window every spare moment I haven't been eating or sleeping. Now come over here, a little closer. In fact, you're welcome to come in for my little snack...no, wait! I meant *a* snack. Wait! Don't go! I was just kidding!

(On yet another day....

Turtle! Turtle! Turtle! You're more fun to obsessively watch for than bunnies, especially since you make a beeline for the same bushes under my window almost everyday and stay there for hours, where I can watch your every non-move! You give me something to live for! I love you, Turtle!

(She must love Abbie, too since she comes out of the woods every few days to hang out in the bushes below the back windows. We're assuming it's the same turtle. If not, we've had 17 different turtles showing up for the past few weeks.)

She is an ornate box turtle. We have also been visited by a very pretty painted turtle but that one did not have beagle-love and hasn't been back.

(Meanwhile, Chloe ponders what her new hobby shall be.) "Mom? Can I get some sheep?"