My Brother Is a Star

My brother, the Instigator, was my childhood nemesis. He tormented my other siblings and I incessently, and was always careful to do it when no parents were looking and then playing innocent so they never believed us and he didn't get in trouble. And of course, whenever we tried to seek justice on our own, we were caught and spent the rest of the day in our rooms, playing with dust bunnies.

Eventually, we all grew up and, realizing one can not sell one's horrible brother on eBay, made our peace. Now, the Instigator is one of my very best friends and I love him dearly. He still loves to tease and play practical jokes, always in a non-malicious way, and loves to be teased in return (although he won't admit it).

We are going to New Orleans for Christmas this year, and I can see it now. He will be trying to give us autographs, and will be wearing sunglasses inside, and will be expecting us to treat him like a TV star because, well, he is! I have posted pictures of the beautiful hand-made ornaments he crafts each year for his jewelry store, donating part of the proceeds to local charities. He was interviewed on the local ABC affiliate and he was so cute that I just had to share this clip. And what you're hearing is a genuine New Orleans accent. I've lost mine, long ago, but pick it right up again whenever I go home. Did you notice how quiet and serious he seems? Not like an instigator at all, is he? And that, my friends, is the act he used to trick my parents (and teachers, and other authority figures) into thinking he is an innocent lamb. Ha! But I am really proud of him and that's why I wanted to share his 5 minutes of fame. He is such a good person, with such a generous heart, that he deserves more.

I didn't plan to take such a long break from blogging, but I love Ravelry so much that what little free time I have had is usually spent there. I was finally talked into creating a Facebook page because everyone in my immediate family is on Facebook now and we can keep tabs on the day-to-day stuff much more easily now. I will confess, I am also a Bad Facebookee. I check out what everyone else is up to, but rarely post anything. I have had, for me, some big accomplishments this fall which are keeping me away from cyberspace more and more, too. Lots of news, lots of projects, so little time to post about them...

But I haven't forgotten my blogging friends. I have turned into more of a lurker than a responder these days, but I am happy to see that you are all doing well for the most part and knitting beautiful things and having wonderful adventures. I hope you all are having a blessed holiday season and building lots of good memories with your loved ones. Hugs to all, and I hope to catch up with you all really soon!