Back To Normal

My brother and his family have left. The house needs straightening, sheets and towels need to be washed. The cats have come out of hiding. It was a good visit, and just the right length as we all still want to visit each other again. We went to Hunters' Heaven (aka Cabella's) for my brother, so he can find new toys that will help him kill more Bambies. Lucky for deer in Clinton, Mississippi, he just ended up getting lots of clothing items with Bambi pictures on them. I went "hunting in the trophy gallery with my camera and got a good closeup of one of Bambi's relatives that I plan on putting up at the edge of my yard to warn all deer passing through to stay away from my flowers (aka "deer candy")or they will join this guy in the trophy gallery at Cabella's!

We ate lots of good food, especially Kansas City barbeque, which I would argue is maybe the best barbeque anywhere (and please do not send coments to the contrary as you will not change my mind. And I am done talking about this now.). We saw "Pirates of the Carribean", which was more dark and violent than the first, and not nearly as good, but any movie with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom eye-candy still gets at least 2 popcorn bags in my review.

One of my favorite things was going hiking at the arboretum. The weather was dry and in the high 70's with a brilliant blue sky and light breeze - could not have been better. The woods were spiritual in their beauty. Abbie got to go and pretend she was tracking rabbits for us - she was ecstatic! She started moaning and yipping when we were still at least 2 miles away (don't feel sorry for Chloe - she doesn't have the stamina for hiking so she got to hang out in the yard with "dad", plus she got some extra treats). Here are some pictures from the trail:

And in the course of all of our driving about to various places, I got in enough Knitting to make 2 baby hats for my charity knitting group. I'm really obsessed with baby hats right now. Every one is a variation in pattern at this point, as I am experimenting to find one I like the best. so far, I am still not satisfied and so the quest continues. The other poor projects sit in my bag languishing...

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