Funky Halloween

Let's Party!

Remember the pieces of fabrics I showed you last week? They got ripped into strips, tied together then knitted in garter stitch on sz17's to become this - a funky Halloween scarf. It's so cute, even Chloe, who is normally freaked out by things that shimmy, begged to try it on! Then of course, Abbie had to get in on the act - note that she even agreed to wear a spider headband. My girls let me costume them!!! Does this mean they'll let me turn them into reindogs for Christmas?

We went to the annual High Spirits party last night, a fabulous bash thrown by some friends of ours, Gene and Terri. Terri is an incredibly talented artist, crafter and decorator whose favorite holiday is Halloween. Gene serves the role of affable host and jokester. Plus he keeps a wicked bar. Practically every inch of their home is covered in spooky decorations that are creepy and elegant at the same time. These photos don't begin to do even remote justice to how over-the-top it is, but here are a few of my favorites:

I had never costumed for this party in the past since many of the guests are talented artists in their own right and make creative costumes. So I thought I could wear my usual (boring) black top/pants/jacket but add a really funky scarf in black, purples, greens and orange. Since yarn was just not going to get the effect I wanted, I bought a variety of fabrics in different colors and textures. I love the way it turned out! But it still wasn't funky enough, so at the last minute I decided to be a zombie rock groupie and had to get creative with my usual makeup. Since I garnered lots of compliments, I guess it turned out ok!

Zombie Girl, Nosferatu, the incredible Terri

It looks like I have a big monkey mouth, but that's really lipliner that I artfully smeared around my mouth to look like blood. Actually, none of my zombie makeup effects or crazy hair are showing up because of the flash. I looked much deader than that, really. Terri's home was actually all dimly lit so these pix don't capture the true spooky atmosphere.

Unfortunately, between the free-flowing adult libations and delicious food (Terri spares no calories in her recipes AND makes the absolute world's best brownies and I should know since I've eaten at least 20,000 lbs. of my weight in brownies over the years), I had wayyyy TOO MUCH FUN and am paying dearly today. Yuck. But we did have a great time, so thank you Terri and Gene and I hope you never stop having these great parties!

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