Knitting Frantically Towards Christmas

As promised, here is the scarf I knit for one of the SIL's:

It's Sophia's "Go Diagonal" scarf and the pattern can be found on her blog Yarn Over Manhattan. The yarn is Kureyon No. 51. I only had to tweak it a little to come out with a somewhat symmetrical colorway on each side of the scarf.

This brings the number of gift scarves that have finished to 8, with 3 on the needles and at least 1 more waiting to be cast on. I will be knitting my fingers off in order to get these finished on time.

I am hoping the painters, who will be here Monday morning at the crack of dawn, will be finished by the end of the week and I will FINALLY be rid of the blue tape. Then I can move the furniture back into place and have room to give the litle woolies a bath in Eucalan and a little gentle blocking and then get their official portraits before sending them off to their new homes.

On a rather sad note, this is what is left of Teensy Frosty after our warm spell and bright sunshine yesterday. The carrot is gone and my guess is one of the dogs ate it.

Please take a nanosecond of silence in his memory. Ok, that was long enough. Thank you.

Finally, here's a shout out to my new blog buddy, Li over at Life's A Stitch. She has a free pattern for an amazing Herringbone Rib scarf that she was kind enough to share with me and that I plan to make for the Red Scarf Project. Stay posted as I plan to start this right after Christmas. Li knits lots of scarves too, like me, except that she is definitely a better knitter. My flea-sized attention span still won't let me get past the 5th row of Wendy's Feather and Fan without have to frog, frog, frog. Also, she lives in one of the most fabulous places I have ever visited, Vancouver, and she works with kids, too. I have bookmarked her blog and look forward to future stalkings! Thanks, Li!

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You're so welcone!