The Life Chaotic

The painters descended upon us this week like locusts - very welcome locusts, just lots of them. They are sanding, bondo-ing and repainting every inch of our semi-new house, fixing all of their mistakes and previous sloppy work and FINALLY the walls and trim look like what we expected from our builder instead of looking like a bunch of hyper kindergarteners were turned loose with paint. The correct color is finally on the walls, instead of the pinkish-greyish ghastly color the painting contractor swore was the one I had chosen ("All paint looks different when you bring in your furniture" and "It looks different because of the lighting in your home" were 2 of the excuses I was given). There are no longer streaks of random, strange colors (bright blue? raspberry?) showing up here and there. The baseboards are now smooth and gleaming, rather than looking like a roller derby took place in the final stage of construction. And, miracle of miracles, the blue tape is gone!

Of course, my house has looked like this all week:

And the cats have looked like this:

Where's my sofa?

Give me back my house!

(The dogs don't care as long as they get their walks and treats).

Even with the hoards of painters, they still haven't finished the job in 1 week of hard work and they expect to be here all of next week. Then they will be back after Christmas to sand and refinish the cabinets because the finish is already peeling off in numerous places, as well as several more odds and ends. So I will be living the life chaotic for a while longer, blogging when I can make my way to the computer and getting high on paint fumes. Since it is impossible for me to clean house or cook, all I can do when I am at home is knit and watch TV. How sad is that?

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