Iced In

First of all, I haven't been posting because I was having a smack-down with a "recurring virus" which launched it's first attack 2 days before Christmas and, just when I think I'm bouncing back, attacks me again. It's something that seems to be traveling the Northern Hemisphere of knitting, as I have read about many other fellow knitter-bloggers who have been sidelined with respiratory crud, voice loss, fatigue (but not too much to stop knitting!) and general feelings of ickiness. However, after I got a round of antibiotics to tag-team with me, I started feeling perky again yesterday. Just in time for an Arctic blast that has plunged our unseasonably warm temps down to highs in the low 20's and a generous coating of ice and sleet and, tomorrow, snow. So I made the smart choice to snuggle in this weekend rather than going out into the frigid air and risking the Return of the Mutant Virus. There's so much to catch up on!

As far as Christmas - which is rapidly becoming a distant memory - we enjoyed Christmas on the prairie with my in-laws, and then a week in New Orleans with my own near-and-dears. We had a great time (despite a raw, runny nose, intense coughing and a blimp-sized sinus-pressure headache) and of course I ate way too much artery-clogging goodness and spent gobs of time with my wonderful family and friends (who even love me when I am potentially contagious). But the best part of all involved knitting, specifically the knitted gifts I bestowed on almost everyone.

This year, my first as a knitter, I made scads of scarves to give as gifts - 12 to be precise (although I hate to admit that 4 of them are still UFO's). many of the scarves were made when I was still very new to knitting and involved much synthetic fluffiness, large needles and garter stitch. The later ones reflected my evolving taste in yarns (bouncy merinos, self-stripes, and lovely textures) and, for me, some more challenging patterns. But regardless of the yarn or workwomanship, with only one exception (and I won't name the BIL who was underwhelmed), the scarves were met with joy and enthusiasm! It felt wonderful to have made something for my loved ones and to see them stroking and squeezing and wearing their goodies and appreciating that I MADE THESE!

The appreciation is what truly made my Christmas. My very favorite response came from my darling niece, Miss V. When I was knitting my very first scarf last February, she was fascinated and said she hoped I would make her one someday. She didn't know it, but I made her a fun fluffy scarf for Xmas. She was helping me wrap one of the other scarves for a SIL and said "Auntie K, this is so beautiful! Do you think you would ever make me one?" To which I replied "Sure. And one day, when I do, what colors would you like?" "Pink, blue, purple and light green" were the answers.

But Mom, we don't want to give these away!

See the one on Abbie (she's on the right)? That's Miss V's scarf, knit back in the fall. Notice the colors? Did Auntie K guess well or what? So when it was time to open gifts, Miss V squealed and immediately put on her first handknitted creation and gave me a giant hug and wore the scarf all night. And the next day. And had to be dissuaded from sleeping in it. Now that's just downright satisfying. I can't wait to start knitting for Xmas 2007!

But first, I need to finish the scarves for 2006. Which I have been working on almost all iced-in day. And am headed off to do now. While watching one of my favorite movies, Napoleon Dynamite. With ligers and wolverines and tots and LaFawnduh and cakes and even an ALPACA! Who can resist???

Tomorrow I am posting about what I saw and experienced in New Orleans, with lots of pictures!


Life's a Stitch said...

What's wrong with sleeping with a scarf on? I do it regularly :)

Life's a Stitch said...

Oh yes, and I hope you're feeling all better soon,