Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!

Wow! I have been blessed with the greatest swap partner ever!!! The theme of the February Color Swap was "brown and tan". I was gifted with some seriously brown goodies, as in "chocolate brown". Here's a peek...

My CS pal couldn't have done a more perfect job of choosing things that I love - a delicious solid chocolate heart (ask me how I know it's delicious), some adorable knitting note cards, some dark and yummy-smelling coffee, a vanilla-nutmeg candle, 3 vials of amber colored glass beads, some cute tiny biscuits for the puppies (big and small), a teeny little knitted sweater keychain (partner, did you knit this?), and best of all, the most sinfully luscious Blue Sky bulky alpaca (!!!) yarn in a deep, rich brown that is the color of dark chocolate. OMG!!! Thank you so much, Sonya. I am enjoying our emails and reading your blog and getting to know you. I hope you are equally blessed by your swap partner!

I should submit this to Cute Overload!


Dianne said...

I just stumbled onto your blog from the Purling Puppies web ring. The foster pups are so cute--- I hope you will be able to find them "forever" homes.

Sonya said...

The tiny sweater is courtesy of Lantern Moon. Olivia got me one from the LYS for Christmas. I am going to back get some of that yarn for myself. It is soft, I carried/fondled it all through the store. Hope it's no worse for wear.
Glad you are pleased. Happy Brown and Tan month!!

Sonya said...

That is some pretty good/strong
smelling coffee. I hope it did not make the yarn smell like coffee.

Lora said...

Isn't Sonya the best!! I've known her for years and you're in for a treat for a friend! She's simply the best!! And boy look at the loot she sent you!! Sonya has wonderful taste in yarn!!


Mmm...chocolatey brown alpaca?! Yum. :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Katie
I received my package and all I can say is WOW!!! I am going to post pics on my blog in the next day. Thanks you so much for the CHex mix(went to the movies with us last night)CHocolates(One is gone already-the bos is the perfect size for some dpns)My blinkie pen(everyone at work will wnat it)JELLY BELLY jelly beans!!!woohoo, does life get better? Yes it does, little candles, I said to DS this package smells awfully good, someone must have sent me cookies..sock pattern(i am going to make one of each heehee and of course the Koigu...I said to DS I don't even have any of this yarn...I just look at it...Not anymore.....Thank you so very much. Long enough comment? heehee More on my blog in the 24 hrs.
Your knidness is appreciated