Look What I Came Home To Find, Part 3

Say "hi" to Griff, numero quatro foster boy. C brought him home because his other foster dad got sick and had to bring him back to the shelter. He is Oreo's twin and was being pushed around by the bigger members of the brood. C figured, what difference is one more eating/pooping machine going to make? Not much, but the extra cuteness factor is always appreciated. Griff was overjoyed to be reunited with his brothers - he was prancing and spinning around like a baby antelope. It was such a sweet moment, I almost cried, but I had to clean up several little puddles instead.

Here's an update on the other 3:

Oreo and Cody


We have started networking with our friends, neighbors and coworkers to find these baby boys good homes before they have to go back to Animal Haven. We have about 3-4 weeks. So far, 2 families have expressed an interest. Wish us luck!

I hope everyone reading this will have a lovely Valentine's Day in the company of at least one loved one - doesn't matter if said company has a tail or not, love is love and today is the day to celebrate love in all of it's forms! I for one am spending it with 6 darling canines who will cover me with slobbery kisses, 2 cuddly felines who will snuggle with me if I gift them with albacore tuna tonight, 1 horrendous respiratory virus, and 1 great husband who just went out in a 4 degree windchill to get me some 7up, chicken soup and the most fantastic pumpkin bread on the prairie. May you all be so blessed (with the exception of the virus, of course).


Sonya said...

Those little guys are just too adorable! I hope you feel better real soon.

Anonymous said...

The pups are just adorable, and hopefully they will find wonderful homes.

Sassy Fou Fou said...

You know someone in La. who would looove one. This one person who just lo0ooves the scarf you made for her! Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Life's a Stitch said...

When I had my third child I loved the comment from a friend, "Three kids? It's just another hot dog on a plate."

Those are sweet little pupcakes.

Hope you're feeling better,