Wishing Paid Off

All that spring time wishing on Saturday paid off. The "wintry mix" moved north of us so it's just a little cold and very windy here today but no more white stuff on the ground. A large group of robins has taken over the back yard - there must be 18-20 of them. I saw one or two last week, but this big flock just screams "springtime". And I found these daffodils peeking up this morning:

One of the surest signs of all, the critters are starting to shed their thick winter coats. I just dust-mopped 4 days ago and look at this Kong-sized dust bunny!

And the puppy posse is just full of energy. They are especially loving the treats Sonya included in her February Color Swap package - they are tiny little bone-shaped biscuits that must contain the equivalent of puppy catnip - they go *crazy* for them. The boys all learned how to sit yesterday in record time once they got a taste of those treats! I will need to ask Sonya what kind they are so I can restock.

Who wants treats? (sound of bag shaking)

In knitting news, I came up the pattern I am using for my thick&juicy chocolate alpaca scarf and started knitting last night during the Academy Awards. I didn't enjoy them so much - thought they were boring actually. Maybe because out of all those movies nominated, I have only seen 1 (Little Miss Sunshine) so I had no opinions about who the winners should be. Although there were oodles of gorgeous gowns, alas, there were no major fashion tragedies to entertain me either. And as much as I love Ellen DeG (a fellow New Orleanian), I thought she was a little intimidated and subdued. Hope they give her another chance next year. And please, would the academy please do the following next year to make it a more exciting event: (1) nominate movies that most people have seen and that aren't full of gore and violence or pedophilia, (2) nominate people who make hilariously appalling fashion choices (remember when Cher was nominated?), and (3) ditch Tom Cruise and bring in some real eye candy to present (Where the heck were Denzel, Russell, and Johnny?????). Of course, if next year is better than this year, I may not get much knitting done!


Sonya said...

Boy the puppies have grown. They are so adorable. The treats aren't anything special. Just Feeders Supply puppy treats. Hutch loves them too.

Life's a Stitch said...

Our snowdrops are blooming,one daff is up and the forsythia are about to explode and what happens? It snowed yesterday and today!