My main computer is acting-out it's issues regarding not having enough working memory and crashed a couple of days ago. So this means I am spending my little bit of daily free time trying to get it up and running before calling in the geeks. In fact, I did an hour of research over lunch today and have a little trouble-shooting list to go home and try tonight.

I had to frog the Cadenza project and am not in the mood to start over again, so have just focused on knitting the herringbone scarf this week. At least that's going well and is now about 22" long. I went to my knitting for charity group on Saturday and am excited about a new project we are working on. There are many, many residents at a the local nursing home we support that do not have family and thus never receive any gifts for birthdays or Christmas. So we are making small gifts that can be given to these residents, such as booties, wrist warmers, and small cases they can wear around their necks to hold kleenex, pocket change, eye glasses, etc. If anyone out there in blogland has any other ideas for quick little knitted presents, please let me know.

Mr. C just called me to alert me that a dangerous tstorm with possible tornadoes is headed our way, so I'm outta here - I don't have time to act like Dorothy and get swept off to Oz!


Nichole said...

Stay away from those tornados!!!
Good luck with the computer issues -we finally had to break down and order from Dell a couple months ago... I feel your pain.

BOSSY said...

Bossy hopes you have a cellar - and lots of canned pickles and bootleg whiskey in that cellar!

Sonya said...

Everything ok out there??
Let me so I don't think you blew away. :)

Nichole said...

You back to the living with power these days?

Nichole said...

The grey scarf pattern that I think you asked about on YOTA (the "shaped" one?) is from a book that someone copied for me - its a "shaped" scarf meaing it comes to a point and goes up from there, then you get to a place where you increase a tun on each side to give in length. If you want a copy, email me your address and I can pop it in the mail.