Only One????

My lovely dishcloth hostess, Anne, has challenged each of us to answer this questionnaire. I hate to choose just one of any of these because I think in terms of 10's when it comes to my favorite things! Like my 10 favorite movies of all time, etc. But, in the spirit of the thing, here goes (although I must make a disclaimer that just because I listed it today doesn't mean it's my all-time favorite ever):

If you were to be taken from your home and whisked to a desert island to live out 1 year of your life.....

What 1 CD of music would you bring?
I would bring an mp3 CD that I custom-burned with about 150 of my eclectic collection of all-time favorite songs, including songs by Elvis Costello, the Neville Brothers, Holly Golightly, David Crowder Band, Mozart, Collective Soul, BB King, and the list goes on.

What 1 book would you bring?
As much as I love my nature and gardening books, knitting books, psychology books, Jane Austen and other classics, legal thrillers, books about travel and animals and interesting people, I would have to choose something practical:

What 1 hobby-related item would you bring?
One giant water-proof Rubbermaid tote crammed with as much of my favorite yarns, needles and patterns as I could fit in there. You didn't expect me to choose just one project did you?

What 1 person would you bring with you?
I really thought about this question and I kept coming back to Mr. Criquette. He is a very good companion (when he's not being bossy and crabby), is excellent at creative practical problem-solving and would come up with Swiss-Family Robinson-type inventions for us, likes to catch and cook fish, lets me have alone-time when I need it, and is good to snuggle with at night. What more could you ask for?

Well okay, but can this guy catch fish?

What 1 food would you bring with you?
I figure that we will catch fish (protein), gather coconuts and bananas (fruit), pick some banana leaves to steam (vegetable),taro root(starch), cacao (chocolate)and agave or yucca plants(tequila) and thus cover almost all of the major food groups. So that leaves dessert, in which case I would have to choose the largest possible cherry cheesecake, which I would dole out in the teeniest little pieces to make it last as long as possible.

Hopefully by the time it runs out, Mr. C will have invented some sort of boat to get us off the island and into the nearest port to pick up some more dessert and more yarn for the stash!


Anne said...

HAH! You definitely had the best way to bring all of your knitting! "one" rubbermaid container! I love it!

Nichole said...

Congrats on winning Anne's contest!