The Best Knitting Book In My World Meets The Best Blueberry Pie In My World

For anyone reading this who may be a novice knitter, do yourself a huge favor and BUY THIS BOOK! I used this book to learn to knit. Even before I could do anything but knit in straight garter stitch, I read the entire book, cover-to-cover because it's just so darn good. Her writing style is very clear and concise and there is a lot of depth to the topics covered. I always consult this first when I am teaching myself something new or double-checking on something. I also really like the books "Knitting School" and my newest (courtesy of my fantastic SP10 pal!), "Knit Fix", but the little green bible is my absolute favorite.

What goes better with a good read about knitting, but a wedge of homemade fresh blueberry pie, made by the best husband in the world. Although Mr. C has many other stellar qualities, I would keep him for this alone.


Nichole said...

Okay now, have you got enough pie to share with everyone??? YUM!
Btw, I love that book too - I keep it on the side table in my little knitting corner for quick reference (you'll see it in my recent blog post pics actually... if you look close! lol).

Terri said...

I too love that little book. It is my first "go to" source for questions. My DH is quite a cook too. I may have to express my pie envy, and offer him an opportunity to correct my neglect...