Greensburg Contest Extension!

I received a very nice comment from Laura (the Sugar Bunny who created theRebuilding Greensburg Block By Block idea. Now Laura is one of my real-life heroes - the kind of person who doesn't just get a good idea, but the kind of person who sticks with their good idea and carries it through. To date, she has received 1602 squares for the afghans that will be given to the residents of Greensburg, KS upon moving into their new homes. The current goal is for 2240 squares, which will make a total of 40 blankets. That's a whole lot of soft wooly hugs! I think she will pass this amount... I am predicting she will collect enough for 50+...that would mean she needs at least 1298 more squares...think we can help her do it?

When Laura asked if I could extend the contest deadline to August 1, how could I possibly say no? So this is the official notice that the Greensburg Squares contest is open through August 16. (This is a sentimental date for me because it was my mother's birthday). That means there's still plenty of time left for you to knit up lots more knitted love for these people who have lost everything. And just to further entice you, I will offer another prize! Can't tell you what it will be yet, but I've heard a rumor that my favorite LYS has gotten in some enticing new yarns and you know I will be checking it out! Okay, so let's recap how you can qualify for these tempting prizes:

It feels as good as it looks!

1. Knit or crochet 8x8 squares, using the pattern on Laura's website.

2. Send your squares to Laura - she will need to have received them by August 16!!

3. Post a picture of your squares on your blog. (I love to check out knitting blogs!) (If you are currently blogless and you really want to be in the contest, this is a good reason to start a blog of your own!)

4. Leave me a comment and be sure to include a link to your blog. If you are vegan or allergic to wool, please let me know and I will send a critter-free yarn instead.

5. Everyone who sends at least one square will be entered into the random drawing.

6. There will be 2 additional prizes awarded to the 2 people who send in the most squares. PLEASE NOTE: I am also counting any additional items you knit/crochet to send along - hats, socks, mittens, scarves, etc.)

7. To be sure I have you entered in the contest, let me know when the pictures appear on your blog.

Start marking your calenders now if you can attend the Seaming Party on September 15! I'll be there!

Thanks to all of you who are participating. You're all winners!


Violiknit said...

sounds like a great contest!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Sounds like a fun contest except that while I've send Laura about 24 squares, I don't have a blog to show you! :-( Any ideas on how the blogless ones can enter? Laura did note my name and blocks on HER blog! :-)

Amanda said...

This is a great idea! I've been knitting squares for this when I get the chance. I love to see other people involved as well. Laura is my hero also!

Sydney said...

What fun! I've only sent Laura 5 squares so far, but I do want to help her meet her new goal so I am sure I'll be sending some more her way. You can see 3 of the blocks I sent at my blog. I enjoyed reading yours!

Wish I could come for the seaming party, and I can't wait to see some pics of the finished afghans. I am so amazed by this project.


Ariel said...

Hi, I've sent 6 so far and have two more at home plus one on the needles. Thanks for the contest. :-)

Sharon said...

I sent in 7 squares and started a blog this evening at your encouragement. Now I have to find time to add to it on a regular basis.

I love this project and would love to be at the seaming party but at this point I am not sure I can.

Here is my blog, such as it is.

Suzanne said...

I have just packed up 14 squares to send to Laura and posted about it here:


I can't wait to here about the seaming party and see the finished afghans's on Laura's blog.

Kim said...

I sent Laura a square (am still hoping for more in the future) and I blogged about it:
Cool idea for a contest!

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for the contest, it is so very sweet of you. This project is absolutely wonderful, isn't it? I've sent 10 squares so far, and hope to have quite a few more by the end - no way with my life I'll be making the most though!

My blog is at www.notonlyamom.com for now. Thanks again!


lila beta said...

I found your blog on Laura's site. I've been making squares for the Greensburg project for a while now, and I just started a blog of my own
I'd sign myself up for your contest, but i'm a very boring knitter, so even if I won your green yarn, you might be disappointed that I may not do anything particularly interesting with it.
Anyway just saying hi :)

Dianne said...

I just took pictures of the squares that my mom and I knit for the Rebuilding Greenburg project. I posted them today (July 31st). I can't take credit for all of them, though. I only made 17 of them.