The Secret Is Out!

I am embarassed that it has taken me so long to publicly thank my incredible SP10 spoiler, Donna. Truly, it is not from lack of satisfaction and gratitude. How lucky did I get or what? You may not recall, but she sent me 2 great packages full of these goodies:

Oops! Sorry, wrong package.

Okay, these are the reasons I was already thinking maybe I had the best SP10 pal:

She also kept in touch with sweet emails and postcards and some tantalizing hints as to who she might be.

And then I received the reveal package and I finally got to discover who has been spoiling me so wonderfully. My new friend is DonnaC at Something to Laugh About. And look at this great package:

Two balls of decadent alpaca/merino (my 2 favorite yarns in one! Oh I can't wait!!!) by Elsebeth Lavold in one of my favorite winter colors. There was (emphasis on WAS) a container of to-die-for dark chocolate covered espresso beans (and I was buzzing every day until they were gone!). She also included another indulgence - aloe/rosemary/ mint invigorating leg lotion. Mmmmm, smells divine and feels even better. And finally, perhaps the best touch of all was a postcard of the beautiful Long Island beach by her home and 2 shells from that beach! How did she know that each summer I take out all of my seashells to decorate my house and pretend that it's a beach house instead of a prairie house?

DonnaC, I couldn't have had a better spoiler than you have been! You really got to know me and now I hope to get to know you. You made SP10 so much fun that I have signed up for SP11!

PS, you have good taste in music!


Terri said...

Wow! What a good secret pal you have... Hmmm, I don't drink, but maybe I could learn. Just kidding, but you did get some great stuff. Thank you for the nice comment on my shawl. Hope you can come knit with us soon.

Nichole said...

Great package... the yarn looks devine!

donnac368 said...

LMAO! Do you really think I'd share that first package, well maybe the Absolut since I prefer Gray Goose... But on second glance, there may be enough of the other for both of us! I have you subbed in my Bloglines my dear SP10 recipient, and maybe one day we can meet!

Faren said...

Those are such great packages! She really spoiled you.

Kelly said...

OMG! So let me get this straight...SP10...Donna C spoiled you, you spoiled me and I spoiled Donna C! We had our own little SP10 triad! Cool!