Sunday Supper

Let's see...when was the last time I posted a Sunday Supper? 10 months ago since I actually really cooked something other than grilled salmon or chicken on a Sunday. Or any other night, for that matter. I don't mind cooking, and even enjoy it at times. And this time of year, as we inch closer to autumn, the cooking bug starts nipping at me, especially with the gorgeous summer produce calling to me.

I don't know if this dish is THAT GOOD or if Mr. Criquette is THAT DESPERATE for a home-cooked meal, but he asked for me to make this again next Sunday - and he is not that fond of meatless entrees, so that tells you something. But it's quick, easy and healthy - so, here's what I did:

Even Mr. C Likes It Pasta

For this dish, you'll need olive oil, white vermouth (or other very dry white wine), 3 small zuchinni, 5 firm-ripe Roma tomatoes, 3 large white mushrooms, 1 small jar of pesto with basil and pinenuts, 1 small can of tomato paste, Italian Seasoning, garlic powder, and sugar.

Heat up 2 tbls oil and 1/2 c vermouth in deep skillet for about 1 minute. Add the sliced zuchinni and 1 tbls Italian seasoning. saute until slightly tender ( I diced up the tomatoes while they were sauteeing).

Add in the diced tomatoes and stir so the tomatoes get a coating of the oil and vermouth.

Now add 4 heaping tbls of the pesto and stir in. Let cook while you chop the mushrooms.

Add the mushrooms, which I sliced thinly, and the can of tomato paste. Stir in and cook while you measure out the rest of your spices.

At this point, I add 2 tbls of garlic powder (I love garlic and think I get good flavor from the powdered without the hassle of peeling and mincing fresh garlic. Great for when I'm cooking something quick). I also add 1 tsp of sugar, to balence the acidity of the tomatoes. Stir in well, turn the heat down to simmer and let the sauce cook down while you start your pasta. (about 10 minutes). Then turn the burner off, cover the pan and let it sit.

Serve over hot whole wheat pasta and top with a good quality shredded Italian cheese - I used a four cheese mix that combined parmigiano, romano, asiago and feta. We had some Pinot Grigio with the pasta, which paired well with the sauce.

I will definitely cook this again soon. It was delicious, cooked up in less than 30 minutes, made enough for leftovers and I only had to clean up 1 pan, the chopping board, utensils, colander and serving bowl. Enjoy!


Nichole said...

I'm hungry.....

Dianne said...

Yum! I like the fact that it is meatless, and LOVE the fact that the cleanup is so easy. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks!

Heatherly said...

mmm yummy!

Sonya said...

Oh that looks really good!
I will have to make that very soon.

BOSSY said...

Yum, yum, stop it, yum.

Spinning Jenny said...

That looks wonderful... I know what we are having for dinner tomorrow night. BTW did you get my email. I was on vaca and having computer issues.

Nichole said...

YEA - you're in my play it forward! Now you get to post it on your blog too! :)

Violiknit said...

Wow, that looks good!!!