Don't You Hate It When A Song Gets Stuck In Your Head And It Won't Stop?

The new Ipod Nano commercial is strangely appealing. Check out the whole video.
And whatever you do, don't let it get stuck in your head.
Happy almost weekend.


Dianne said...

Hope you have a good time at the seaming party, and the Harlot event. Wish I could be there. There is a rumor that the Yarn Harlot is coming to New Jersey next month, but I'll believe it when it shows up on her website!

BOSSY said...

Ohhhhhh noooooooo you don't. Bossy is very susceptible to that hopeless ailment: Songs-Getting-Lodged-In-Her-Noggin Syndrome.

spicy said...

I really like that song so I guess that one wouldn't bother me. But, I know what you mean, there have been other commercials that just drove me crazy! I like the costume colors in the video, kind of like the colors you listed in your questionaire. I am planning nice surprises for you using great colors!!! Hahaha! Your Secret Swap Pal!