Great Vacations Are Hard to Come By

And they don't come around often enough. I need one now, but won't be going anywhere for a long time. But, thanks to Tara the Random Ranter, I got to go to DC on my Virtual Vacation. And look at the fun stuff I got as souvenirs:

The goodness!

My spoiler sent me a fun little tote bag from her lys. How did she know the shopping sack I was using to carry my small projects was starting to get torn? I received a nice little notebook, which I always enjoy receiving. Tara tucked in some Washington DC playing cards - I really needed these for work because I like playing cards with the older kids and teens while we talk and my old deck is wearing out with all the fast and furious action of "California Speed" and Battle. She tucked in some yummy treats, too, including some Twix bars (they had melted a bit so got put into the fridge immediately), some HonestTea, which will taste good when the weather starts cooling off, and some Old Bay seasoning.

Now I'm a good Cajun girl who has always cooked with the "Holy Trinity" of seasonings (garlic, onion, and bell pepper) so I don't know much about ya'll's Yankee seasoning. Can anyone out there in blogland tell me what to use this on? (Other than seafood - the last time I ate crabs I swelled up, turned beet red and had trouble breathing. We don't want to try that again.) It smells good in a weird way - kind of like incense - and I can't figure out how to use it. How does it taste on salmon?

Also, a cute desk set with address book, and notepads (I can never have too many of these), some tiny stitch markers, and some luscious yarn. The yarn on the left is Moda Dea washable wool (which will be knitted into a hat to keep someone warn this winter, and a fun, squishy-soft hand-painted merino. I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet - probably something from One Skein Knitting.The yarn is from Neighborhood Fiber Co., in the Mt. Pleasant colorway. Tara told me that it's dyed by a DC crafter and the colorway is named after her neighborhood. These colors are so vibrant and beautiful. This picture does not do it justice. I just love receiving gifts that are personal to the gifter. And the stitch markers are so little and cute. They're going to be useful when I start knitting socks on the tiny little needles.

Thanks, Tara! I had so much fun unwrapping everything and finding goody after goody. I shall enjoy each and everything from your fun vacation. I'm so glad that you were my spoiler! And I hope that you get spoiled really good in return.

Back home on the prairie, we've had a little break in the weather - it's been in the upper 80's the past 3 days, and the humidity hasn't been too bad. I've been keeping the porch door open all day so the petkids can come and go. The house is really clean since we had Mr. C's aunt visiting for the past week, with a party last weekend and lots of company. So I get to enjoy a very laid-back labor day weekend. Besides knitting, I decided to put my time to good use:


After - little cakes with zero calories - I can indulge all I like

This is the local yarn that accidently fell into my basket when I was getting yarn for my Virtual Vacation pal, Chan. It's a superwash merino by Crafty in a Good Way. I was seduced by the color - it's called Cranberry & Oak and what you see is pretty true to the real colors. Although I am chart-challenged, as soon as I saw this I thought it would make the most gorgeous lace scarf. But I can't start it until I have a few more FO's completed.

Abbie has been in a funk since our visitor left and the house is quiet again. She has been indulging herself in a little pity-party ever since and sneaking up on the furniture for naps when she thinks no one is looking. This is her "please don't make me get down" face. As if I could resist a face like that. She needs a vacation.


kittything said...

you can put Old Bay on almost anything--and people in the DC area do. we even have potato chips that are seasoned with it.

i don't eat meat so i have mostly had it sprinkled on veggies or in snack foods. it is good on fries and onion rings.

your Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn is very pretty. i've been wanting to try some!

Sonya said...

Great stuff from D.C.

No you can't put that sweet face outa the cahir.

Channon said...

Oh!! I want to smooch Abbie on her nose...

Old Bay is good on Salmon. Mark seasons with olive oil, Old Bay, fresh garlic, and then puts the salmon in his smoker. Hmmmm... Another thing I love about fall; he will return to his smoker! We also use it on baked potatoes, in potato salad, etc.

Nichole said...

Great swap package...
Abbie needs a friend! :)

Violiknit said...

Beautiful yarn cakes! Very yummy looking! Abbie look so cute getting ready for her nap!

RandomRanter said...

Sorry for being a bad swapper and not responding to the Old Bay thing sooner - yes it works on anything - salmon, fries, burgers, and so on. I don't eat crabs myself. I think there is a salmon recipe on the tin, and also McCormick has some on their site here.