Lucky, Lucky, Lucky , Pt. 2

In addition to the great SP11 package, here are the other things that happened on Friday that made me feel so very lucky:

This is Fifi Princess. She is a yapping, bossy, fashionista fluffball.
I just found out that she coming for a long visit over Christmas. The best news is that she's bringing someone special with her...

My adorable niece. Lucky me!

and I've heard a rumor that her adorable sister may join us. Lucky, lucky me!
(She's a bit camera-shy. I'll have to be sneaky to get a better picture of her when she comes in)

And as if this wasn't good enough news, we received a phone call Friday night from Bonnie's new forever mom. They had just brought her home a few hours before and called to tell us how well she was adapting and how much they loved her already. No more foster homes for our girl!

Bonnie laying next to her new mom. If you click on the picture, you can actually see that she's smiling. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

The weekend went by too fast. I barely had time to knit but finished another pair of wrist warmers for the retirement home project, made progress on a pet snuggle and cast on for a chemo cap (unfortunately it's for a sweet neighbor of mine. I hope to have it finished before she starts losing her hair). I also had a chance to finish up a little project I made for my SP11. I'll be getting that package out soon - hopefully this week.

We went to a 25th anniversary party for Mr. C's sister last night. It was one of those parties that had great food, great wine and great people. This one was even more special because the hostess has an extensive collection of Pacific Northwest and Alaskan art, rugs and artifacts, displayed all through her lovely home. I only got to take a few pictures and then the batteries ran out and I didn't bring backups. But here are the ones I took:

The happy couple

Some of the delicious food

One guest had way too much to drink

One of my favorite pieces (the walls were actually a deep pumpkin orange, not pink at all)

In the midst of all the sophistication and culture, it was fun to see that the homeowners don't take themselves too seriously.

I'm excited about this week, too. It's supposed to get really cold so I can start wearing my alpaca scarves. Some of my favorite patients have appointments this week. I only have to work 3 days. I will get to do a lot of knitting. And Thursday is one of my favorite holidays ( made even better by the fact that we have been invited to have Thanksgiving with Mr. C's extensive collection of cousins and I only have to make New Orleans Praline Sweet Potato Casserole (which is requested every year). Check back before T-Day and I'll post the recipe. It's in great demand every year.

Now I'm off to get in a few rows of knitting before bedtime. Have a great week!


BOSSY said...

Your happiness is contagious. (Um, that doesn't sound like a Fortune Cookie, does it?)

Nichole said...

YEA for Bonnie!!!!!!!! So happy to hear! :)