On the Ninth Day of Christmas

... we're getting a premature white Christmas. We're supposed to get a couple of inches today and another inch or 2 the day after, but it's supposed to be a brown Christmas here this year, since today's snow is supposed to be melted by Tuesday. Maybe this snowfall will make its way Northeast so some of my friends out that way will be making snow angels to burn off the Christmas feast. Except at Dianne's house. I'm wishing her a brown Christmas!

This is the 3rd weekend IN A ROW that there's some kind of frozen stuff coming out of the sky! First we had ice and frozen rain. Last weekend was sleet and snow. Today is frozen rain, sleet and snow. The past 2 weekends, I mostly stayed put inside, letting other idiots have the slippery roads to themselves. Today, I had no choice. If Christmas is going to happen, I had to become one of the idiots. But except for 3 more gifts (which technically can be bought after Christmas because I missed the mailing deadline so some of my family will be opening New Year's gifts), I am done - gifts, wrappings, food, wine - done!

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Dianne said...

Thanks for the brown Christmas wish! It worked - it is (relatively) warm here, and raining since last night. I much prefer a snow-free zone around my house, and my route to work. Be careful out there with those crazies!