The Queen Aunt?

I'll be off-line for several days as I head towards warmer weather and a very special event. Although Mardi Gras officially started on January 6 (Twelfth Night), and there have been numerous Mardi Gras balls, the parades don't get underway until this weekend. My niece will be Queen Ponchartrain XXXIII and will be greeting the citizens of New Orleans from atop her royal float on Saturday, assuming it doesn't rain. And Mr. C and I will be there, along with family and friends in the grandstand to toast her.

On Thursday night, she and the king will be crowned. It should be a fun time, with good food, lots of wine and great music. I'll try to take pictures since you can't be there with me.

I'm taking a little break from packing. My dilemma is which of my knitting projects go and which ones get left behind in the single digit weather we've been experiencing. i tried to talk Mr. C into putting the rooftop carrier up, but he wasn't thinking that 2 Rubbermaid bins full of yarn justified the effort. Non-knitters! They just have a really weird way of seeing things.

See ya'll next week and laissez les bon temps roulez!


Nichole said...

VERY cool for your niece! Have fun... can't wait to see pictures!

Dianne said...

Just tell Mr. C. that if you can't take all of the yarn you "need" with you, you'll have to go out and buy more! Have a great time!

Rhonda said...

Hope you're having fun!

Sonya said...

That sounds like a wonderful time. Give the Queen congrats from me.

I will be watching for you to get back.

Have fun!

Nichole said...

Hey lady, I'm working on your Pay It Forward item (see today's post)... if you have any special requests, let me know!