Crawling Back from Flu-Land

As if the Face vs Cat incident wasn't bad enough, I've been slammed with the flu as well. Yesterday was the first day since Tuesday that I could swallow more than a few sips of water or apple juice. Even though I'm eating some itty-bitty meals of chicken soup and jello today, I can only sit up and do anything for 15-20 minutes at a time so this won't be a long post, just me checking in.

Besides the obvious, another reason I hate being sick is because I get so bored! And when I'm bored, all I do is think about how miserable I feel, and have a big giant pity-party. So I am happy to report that I did manage to put some of my curled-up-miserable-on-the-sofa-in-front-of-the-tv-time to good use and managed to complete some FO's which I will post when I'm feeling better.

As far as the injuries from the Face vs Cat battle: there is a small laceration on the inside of my lower lid, a deep scratch in the undereye area, and a long, shallow slash straight down my cheek. Because it's my face, and because I have the normal amount of female vanity, I'm sure I'm making this worse than it really is in the big scheme of things. I know that there are people out there who are experiencing a lot worse and not whining about it either.

I did make it to the doctor on Monday before getting sick. I had some bad news/good news. I didn't need stitches. She used these little narrow surgi-strips to close up the lacerations, told me to keep anti-bacterial ointment on it all, stay out of the sun and play the waiting game. It takes about 6 months to really tell how noticeable the scars will be. As soon as I can stand up for more than 15 minutes, I'm off to the drugstore to get me some Mederma.

In a way, getting sick turned out to be a blessing since (1) nausea, fever, and dizziness do a great job of keeping a person's mind on their GI tract than their appearance, (2) innocent children were spared the sight of what a sweet, fluffy little kitty can do if provoked, thus avoiding a rash of secondhand kittycat phobias (which would be very possible with my particular patients), and (3) by the time I crawl back to work on Monday, the scratches will have faded a bit so it won't look like I'm crying blood. See? Pity-party's all over now.

Maybe I'll take my cue from this movie trailer that has been playing all week on TV (oh, the irony) and knit myself up a scarfy like the cool one she's wearing. Which by the way, looks very much like this Mason-Dixon Big Dotty pattern, doesn't it? Since the MD website is malfunctioning today (it probably has the flu), I found this picture on BenteB's website.

(While you're there, take a tour of her beautiful creations -I always get so inspired after visiting the blogs of knitters in Norway, Denmark and Finland - do you think their handknits are so incredible because of all the long, dreary, frigid winter months?).

Well. it's taken me 3 separate trips to the computer to get this blog written. I think I'll go settle in front of the TV for the rest of the night. Have a good one.


Priscilla said...

You poor thing! You really are having a hard month. I hope you feel better soon!

Dianne said...

When my nephew was little, he would always say "Why do bad things happen to good people" whenever he got sick. That seems fitting for you right now. I hope you're feeling better!

Life's a Stitch said...

Yikes! Hope you recover soon from your double whammy.