Spoiled Rotten

I got home late last night, brain dead from an intense day of therapy, and what did I find waiting for me? A Hot Cocoa swap package, from the big prairie to the north, otherwise known as Minnesota. The whole family was gathered around to see what wonders would be revealed (Mr. C and the pets have been somewhat winter blahed-out all week and needed a pick-me-up, too).

I opened it up to find lots of wrapped treats (and I always appreciate a swap pal who wraps the goodies - the surprise as I open each one is a big part of the fun). And sorry - in the excitement of seeing gifts, I forgot to take a picture of the "before".
But here's the "after" - curb your envy
and prepare to be impressed by my pal's creativity, wit and overall excellent taste:

Caribou hot cocoa mix in 2 yummy flavors and gourmet marshmallows - I've already tried out the Spicy & Bold mix - it's very good, with a hint of cherry and pepper that leaves a pleasant after-burn

I laughed out loud when I unwrapped the little bottles of Kahlua! How much fun! And all mine because Mr. C likes his hot chocolate completely unadulterated.

And 3 cd's full of dance music! I better get my New Orleans party pants back on and get to it (and work off all of that sinful Creole food I inhaled last week not to mention all the hot cocoa and Kahlua I'll be snarfing down this weekend). I have an eclectic music collection and I'm always excited to discover new artists and songs I haven't heard before and these cd's are chock-full of music that will be new to me.

The yarn - soft, pettable, luscious merino/alpaca blend in a rich eggplant color. This yarn has a pair of Fetching mitts written all over it! And enough for a hat, too. Crystal Palace circs which I can't wait to try out. And some really cute handmade seashell markers.

Criquette stole one of the balls of yarn for a quality assurance test - it obviously passed with flying colors

One of the reasons I joined this swap was for the chance to knit and receive a knitted toy. And my pal didn't let me down. Look at the cuteness that is Rochelle, the knitting octopus (and my pal's ORIGINAL concoction):

Rochelle is a Knitting Goddess and Winter Blahs Buster. She's adorable and fierce and makes me laugh. The little sweater she is knitting actually has several little sleeves! She's also very soft and squeezable! Zoom in so you can appreciate the details that my pal included. Seashell stitch markers make perfect sense, don't they?

My incredible swap pal was Kris L. Before writing this, I lurked around her blog, Poked in the Eye With a Sharp Knitting Needle. Kris has a wicked sense of humor, impressive knitting skills and, based on her bio, has had a fascinating life. Her personality really came through in the marvelous package she sent. You must go and visit, you will be entertained.

Kris, 1000 thank-you's for one of the best swap packages ever! You were so thoughtful and generous and I feel completely spoiled. Give yourself a big hug (from all of us here) for a job well-done - no blahs anywhere to be seen!


Anne said...

Great package! What a fun Blah Buddy! It's going to be so fun checking all of those out!

Maria said...

Wow! You really got spoiled! What a great gift!! You are very funny, too! I like reading your blog (even though I just discovered it!!!)

Kris said...

I am so glad that you like the package!! ENJOY!