Who's Your Favorite Presidential Candidate?

Typically, I'm somewhat apathetic about politics. It takes something I feel passionate about to rouse me to action and to disclose my preferences. But there is a candidate who is so compelling, that I feel I must speak up on her behalf:

I'm so excited by this candidate that I've even switched parties so I can vote for her in the primaries. No 2-party system for me, no ma'am. From here on out, I am proud to be a yarn-carrying Fibertarian!

You can find out all about Dolores and her platform here at The Panicopticon. We all know that if knitters ruled the world, it would be a damn fine place to live in. Ewe go girl!!!


Anne said...

haha. very cool :D And given this year's candidates on either side, perhaps I should vote for this write in also LOL

Gnat said...

Those shoulders to cry on are always the best. I think it's great when you know he will be there for you. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story. :)