Spring Secret Swap Questionnaire

Spring Secret Swap Questionnaire:

How many dogs do you have? What are their names?

Chloe (a Border Collie/Dobie mix)

Abbie (a beagle/Jack Russell mix)

What are their favorite toys?

Anything furry and squeaky

What are your favorite treats?

Pita chips, chocolate (m&m's, chocolate-caramel, chocolate-mint), Skittles

What are their favorite treats?

We are very careful what we give them, since the pet-food recalls. Definitely nothing manufactured in China, even the big name brands. They love treats from Three Dog Bakery and once a week they get Greenies (small).

What are her/his/their/persons favorite colors?

We love pretty summery colors, such as pinks, bright greens and blues, and lavender/violet purples. We don't love the pastels or neutrals so much.

What allergies do you and/or your dog(s) have?

None of us can tolerate smoke of any kind or strongly scented products.


Dianne said...

How sweet! I think Chloe should always wear big bows. Where's Abbie's bow?

Nichole said...

Glad to see someone else mentioning being careful on treats! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello from your ISE6 pal! Love all the extra hints. :)

dogquilter said...

I love the bow, Chloe is so pretty with it and Abbie is a cutie too!! Love the playtime pic too.

Anonymous said...

I also like the bow. Your dogs must be very gentle with their furry squeaky toys. I would never be able to a) get a group of toys together in such good shape, and b) find one of my dogs sleeping while even one such toy was within reach.