Catching Up

I've been a bit MIA lately, because the weather's been dismal. We haven't had more than 3 sunny days in a row in months now - it's gloomy and grey and overcast and just yucky most of the time. Besides 60 gazillion mile winds, we're supposed to have snow tomorrow! In April! Where can I go to file a complaint? WTF is spring???

Actually, I've been crazy-full-moon busy at work, thanks to the weather. It's making everyone stressed - the kids are bouncing off the walls because they can't get outside long enough to play their energy out and the parents and teachers are cranky and nutty as a result. I'm working a lot of extra hours and having to turn potential new patients away. On top of my clinical hours, I have to prepare reports for 2 court cases. And socialize puppies. And knit. And squeeze in a few hours of sleep. So I apologize for not blogging more faithfully, and not visiting all of you more regularly. I'm stealing some time tonight to try and do some catching up and hope to drop by as many blogs as I can.

I finished putting together my package for the DOT Spring Swap and hope my spoilee enjoys it. It will be mailed tomorrow so she receives it on time. I have frogged the Argosy scarf I was making for ISE6. The yarn was too sproingy for the pattern and it wasn't draping, it was just very stiff. I decided to try Montego Bay from last summer's Interweave, but can't hit even close to gauge, and again, it wasn't draping nicely. I'm not sure what to do at this point since I don't want to buy more yarn and I can't find a pattern that I think will work any better...*sigh*. maybe another glass of wine will bring inspiration. I'm also stuck on figuring out what to make for my spoilee in the Spring Coffee Swap. I am always intimidated at the thought of knitting for a knitter - what do you make them that they couldn't make for themselves? I'll likely need a third glass of wine for more inspiration.

Fortunately, I haven't been completely non-productive. I have made 4 snuggles for the Dogs on Thursday Snuggle Project so far. My knitted one just wasn't growing very fast, and I bought some polar fleece on sale so I decided to knock out some no-sew snuggles. Here they are:

The snuggles for the homeless pups at Animal Haven

The snuggles passed the Criquette Quality Assurance test

As an added bonus, I made some tug toys out of the scraps

Which won the approval of the Puppy Quality Assurance Committee



Laura said...

Love all the puppy pictures!! Just adorable - those FACES! Smooch city! heheh

What to knit a knitter - I think most knitters are like most moms are about cooking. They love anything they didn't have to make themselves!

What yarn are you trying to use? Maybe you can check Ravelry and see what other scarfs people have made from that yarn? :)

Dianne said...

I hope things calm down at work for you. I love those snuggles! I can't seem to coax mine off the needles either. No sew? That's right up my alley. How did you do it? Is there a pattern?

P.S. Still no Ducky, but I'm hoping she'll come back with a bunch of little chickies in tow. The door to the coop is always open...

Nichole said...

LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!

dogquilter said...

Go quality assurance!!