Dogs on Thursday: Dogs Who Love Cats

I do believe that if Chloe and Abbie had their choice that they would become cats. Since the time I adopted each of them, they will lay down close to Criquette or Bitsy, head on paws, gazing with adoration. The cats, of course, totally ignore the dogs, and seem to think they are big goofballs.

Since we have fostered kittens, they are even more besotted with kitty-love, and spend long hours laying outside the door of the kittens' room (which doubles as Mr. Criquette's office).

When we let them in for visits, it is obvious that the kittens are equally
infatuated with the dogs.

What I didn't photograph is that in exchange for their services as kitten playgrounds, the kittens allow Abbie and Chloe to herd and smell them to their hearts' content. It's a win-win situation.

These days, there is one less kitten for Abbie and Chloe to obsess over.

The divine Miss Chicory (who has been renamed Chickory), has gone to live with a wonderful new mom and a new kitten sister, who is also black and white. Her new mom originally thought she wanted an orange or tabby male kitten, but could not resist Chicory's charm. She sent us an email yesterday to update us. After a couple of days of hissing and fussing, Chick and her new sister are now the best of friends. It was hard to let her go, but I'm really happy with her new family.

For a total change of subject, if you are a Mozart lover like I am, be sure to pop over to Yarn Over Manhattan because the multi-talented Sophia is having a contest. Let her know your favorite Mozart composition and you will have a chance to win some very yummy yarn. Do yourself a huge favor and while you're there, spend some time perusing her blog and enjoying the beautiful confections she knits.

And speaking of knitting, I will actually have some knitting show-and-tell in my next post. And I heard a rumor that there may be a contest. Stay tuned...


Cindy said...

Our Grover does not understand kitty love. Esau Marie (our black and white cat) adores him and rubs him, but he does not really understand any of it. Dumb boy.

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute photos. Your little kitties are just as adorable as your little dogs. You have a nice little family there even if some of the cats are only staying a little while.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh how cute, love the one where their laying together. I Miss my Electra for those kinds of pics..Coco (puppy) now I'm having a hard time keeping Dyna(skiddish cat) safe..had to gate the stairs so Dyna has a safe place.
Love the kitty pic below too :)

Nichole said...

So you have cat-dogs, eh? Too cute!

Dianne said...

Those pictures of Abbie and Chloe with the kitties are precious! Hooray for Chickory finding a good forever home!

Firefly Nights said...

Unfortunately, when we adopted Roscoe the shelter told us the former family said that he liked cats. We learned later that they probably meant served on a cracker for lunch.

It always amazes me that some people have dogs that truly get along well with kitties. Maybe if we had a house cat, and it never ran, we might be able to wean our boys to kitty love, but I doubt it.

I admire you for all of the fostering work that you do.

Lynn said...

Oh they are so cute!!! I love how they are so good with the kitties, good for the kitties too in case they end up going to homes with other dogs.