Dogs on Thursday: the Better Late Than Never Edition

What better time to catch you up with Miss Scout than with a DoT post? She is still as cute as ever, but OMG is she high maintenance! (This is one of the reasons I prefer larger canine varieties.) What a diva - the yipping, whining, squeeking, and high-pitched yowling that goes on when the Princess is not getting her way can get very annoying. We give her a warning, then cover her up like a canary when she gets started. She's starting to catch on.

But she more than makes up for this with her adorable antics. She is a virtual tornado of energy and will get to running so fast, she falls down and rolls before getting up and tearing around some more. She'll grab her tail and go round and round, then leap straight up in the air and take off again. Her ears play a big part in her charm - she looks like she has wings instead of ears.

The wonderful pet-loving people at PetSmart have donated some free puppy training classes to Animal Haven, to be used in helping our adopted and foster dogs more likely to stay in their forever homes. Petsmart, while being a giant chain, has always been very generous in their commitment to animal adoption. The local stores always have on-site adoptions featuring the local rescue groups, and donate generously to our fund-raising efforts. Plus, Abbie and Chloe are always very happy to go shopping there with us.

Scout's new family will get one of these free classes. Which they will more than need since the toy fox terrier breed is very intelligent but very stubborn. While she is well along in becoming house broken, she cannot control her submissive peeing, although we are closely following recommendations from a trainer to help her get it under control. And her idea of "sit" is to do a play-bow, which is actually so cute that I've reinforced it, fully knowing better.

She is loved by, and loves both the big dogs and Kona. In fact, she and Kona seem so devoted that I really hope someone would adopt them together. Abbie seems to have "adopted" Scout as her favorite stuffed animal. She is very gentle and loves to get her between her front paws and nibble/groom her all over. Of course, Scout wiggles much more than Abbie's stuffed animals and licks and nibbles back.

These pictures are from the past 1 1/2 weeks, when she was a 5 pounder of pure muscle. She's still growing and should reach 7-9 pounds. She's almost too big for the collar she arrived in, but she had the good fortune of winning Nichole's weekly review contest and will soon be sporting a beautiful new comfy and earth-friendly Planet Dog collar! We'll take pictures and let you know how she likes it. If she does, we'll have to get some for her foster sisters, too. Thanks, Nichole! Nichole also tagged me with this cool dog lovers button. Double thanks again, Nichole!

The weather here has been gloomy and rainy for the past several days, and since we've had rain every day this week, and when Ike hits, more rain will come our way, so we're under a flash flood warning for the weekend. No wonder my toes are growing webs. Quack. Hurricane Ike will be wrecking havoc in Texas and western Louisiana. One of our fellow knitting/blogging friends, Cheryl, the Knitting Wildflower, is in that area, so please send special wishes her way today and let her know you're thinking about her.

Speaking of the weekend, I'll be at Animal Haven with Kona, trying to help him find his new family. Scout has to stay home, with just her cute picture to help her out because there was an outbreak of parvo at the shelter recently. It's under control there, but they don't want any puppies, whose immune systems are still growing, to come into contact with remaining pathogens. I've spent so much time down there, it's beginning to feel like home. It's certainly cleaner than my home right now, too.

While we're on the subject of the shelter, there is a new movie that will premiere soon, All Roads Lead Home. Clicking on the title will lead you to our joint webpage promoting the movie. You can follow the link to view the trailer. I can't wait to see it and I hope you'll all get the chance too!

I have a bonus day this weekend. I was supposed to have some dental work done today so took off work. Because of my dental phobia, I took a Xanax. For technical reasons, they decided not to do the work today, so I came home and am too whacked out to do much of anything until this wears off. So I may get another blog post in later today. Blogging is like feast or famine lately. Thanks to everyone who left such kind words encouraging me to continue - I love you all! Have a great weekend and take care!

(PS - this post was actually written Friday, under the effects of the Xanax and I apparently forgot to hit the "publish" button. So technically, it's only one day late for DoT!)


Life's a Stitch said...

Oh, those ears. And yes, terrier = stubborn. I've had three.

Dianne said...

Scout is adorable!!!

Nichole said...

LOVE that pic! So sweet... I'm sending the collar off tomorrow, so long as I can find your address in my mess at home, lol

Sonya said...

I have always been afraid that I was the only one with dental/teeth phobia.