Dogs On Thursday: An Uneventful Week (At Last)

We are happy to report that this past week has been uneventful and boring, with hardly anything worth blogging about, and lots of time to do it. And it's about time!

I had my last appointments of the day cancel twice this week, meaning I got home around 7pm, which is usually unheard of, twice this week. And while I was off being a little less busy at work, the critters of the Criquette household were catching up on their R&R:

Bitsy has decided on a career change. Instead of Resident Grump, she took a position as Home Security WatchCat. She had a good time growling and snarling at the moving leaves. She has been taking her shift every morning for the past couple of weeks, same time, same spot.

Criquette, on the other hand, has whiled away her week, basking in the golden autumn sunshine and savoring her victory after finally winning the turf battle against the evil foster kittens.

Abbie just continued with her usual daily routine - wake up, eat, walk, poop, lounge about and think of rabbits, nap on the porch, nap on the stairs, look out the window for rabbits, nap in the patch of sunshine, nap in her bed, wake up, eat, walk, poop, nap in the family room, nap in Chloe's bed, look out the window one last time for rabbits, beg for a bedtime snack, go to sleep.

"When will these dumb humans figure out that we canines hold the keys to true happiness?"

After getting home from the hospital, Chloe spent two days just catching up on her beauty sleep and enjoying being back at home. There's not much better than sleeping in your own bed.

She's feeling great and back to her usual routine. For details, please see Abbie's previous section.


dogquilter said...

Glad all is quiet at your home. Your babies all look quite contented!!

Dianne said...

Glad everything has settled down. Wonderful pictures of your babes!

Nichole said...

Great pics - glad Abbie is doing well. Love that last pic!

Nichole said...

I meant Chloe... really, I did! :)