Shrinking the Kids

Today was one of those days. Not bad, but just very...exhausting. My day job - the thing that keeps me away from my pets, Knitting, gardening and the man I love (because he had dinner waiting when I got home). Most days I LOVE my work - I am a child psychologist, i.e., I shrink kids. Not that they're not already small enough. I wake up excited to face the day. Contrary to what many may think, my job is not depressing. In fact, where else can you be paid to spend quality time with a great kid, playing with fun toys, and knowing that maybe you are one of the positive factors that will make a small but significant difference in their lives? And, despite the oftentimes serious nature of the problems we are solving, there are many laughs and much silliness. I stay connected with my own childhood thanks to these wonderful kids.

Yet, there are sometimes days like today, where there isn't anything in particular that brought me down or made me doubt my ability to help. Some days, the particular patient schedule is just not a good mix of problems, people, or whatever. Those days just steal my energy and I feel empty. Nothing to give tomorrow. Today was one of those days.

So on nights like tonight, after straining to get through a 12 hour day, Knitting becomes my refuge, my sanctuary where I can go to recharge. It won't take much: casting on a new scarf which will become a gift for my sig-o, learning a new stitich (purling - don't laugh at me, after all I am a Knitting Novice), completing a few rows (must stop on 3, 5, or a multiple of 10, it's an OCD thing), and then falling gently asleep, still in the rhythym of the needles. Thank you God, for Knitting, Amen.

The new project (in case you were wondering): Froehlich Wolle "Swiss-Chalet" #8641, using my new Addi turbo's.

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