Friggin' Froggin'?

As I was reading through some Knitting blogs earlier today, I came upon the delightful word "frogging" which I think means having to rip a large portion of stitiches in order to correct a mistake. Well, I was doing some frogging this morning! After writing my blog last night, I crawled into bed, cast on and then Knitted 3 reps (15 rows) of the pattern. Then I fell promptly asleep since I was exhausted. When I awoke this morning, I immediately grabbed my Knitting but, much to my uncaffinated dismay, I noticed that I had made a mistake at the beginning of the third rep. So...rrrribbit, rrrrribbit, rrrribbit (that's the painful croaking of stitches being yanked out). And then I noticed these unsightly loose stitiches where the knits switch over to purls - I think I was not holding the yarn tightly enough so had too much slack. So...ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...all the way down to the cast-on row. And when I took a good look in the daylight, well, it just wasn't even enough so...ribbit.

Can someone tell me how the word frogging came to be used in this context in the first place? It's perfect. I even like it better than friggin', my usual sub for the f-word. I can hear myself now, "Who left the froggin' toilet seat up?" or "Frog it! I'm going to be late!" or "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Now I have to froggin' frog the whole thing!" Gotta love it.

Today's picture shows the other scarves I knitted (in my old favorite stockinette stitch) and actually finished in April and May. Before I started reading blogs and learning better, I foolishly threw away the identifying info for my yarns, although I can promise you they were all synthetic novelties. I have 2 more scarves that are off the needles but not finished. I do have some of the info on those and will post that when I post the finished pics. I am very proud of these 2 WIP's (I'm quickly picking up Knitter's lingo)as they were both learning projects for me.
The always-affable Miss Criquette agreed to help me show these off. She has also agreed to let me share with you her recipe for "Marinated Cat Fish" complete with a photo demo. Here. This weekend. Yum.

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