Yes, I have to face the fact that when it comes to computers and internet stuff, I am a technoIdiot. I know I am not a dumb girl, since I did manage to earn a doctorate degree, especially since said degree required that I pass multiple courses in sadistics (aka "statistics" to those math geek/actuarial types). So why is it that computer-related stuff is so incomprehensible?

Like most folks with ADHD, my method of approaching most things that come with a set of instructions is to read the first line or 2, throw them aside and resort to trial-and-error learning.The more mistakes I make, the better I seem to learn, since I rarely make the same mistake twice. This approach usually serves me well - I have assembled bookcases, a desk, twirling desk chairs, and even diassembled and reassembled my vacuum cleaner, all without the bother of following the directions. Sooner or later, I stumble upon the solution.This approach is mostly working with Knitting as well, even though there is a lot of ribbiting that usually comes first.

But this doesn't work so good with computers. Believe me, it isn't as if I haven't tried. Unfortunately, the consequences of a pure trial-and-error style of learning to use the computer can be quite devastating. Take for instance the time I was putting the finishing touches on my master's thesis, using my new and updated Word program. The night before the final draft was due, of course (another trait of ADHD folks - always wait until the last possible minute to work on big projects because the rush of adrenaline helps you focus in a way that Ritalin just can't accomplish). Anyway, I still cannot explain what exactly happened, but the thing disappeared, poof, just like that. In my panic, I began randomly pushing buttons, hoping that at some point, I'd hit upon the right one. Well, you can guess the rest of this ugly scenario. Pitifully beg for an extension due to woeful computer ignorance, dig up a rough paper copy of the thesis, and spend the next 12 hours without sleep trying to recreate all of my hard work from the previous night. Nope, never made that particular mistake again, but have come close.

If you are a non-ADHD'er and a logical, directions-following type person, you will be asking, "Why didn't this idiot girl just read the instructions for the new version of Word first? Why didn't she just check her manual before randomly hitting keys, thus wiping out the thesis and crashing the computer as well? Why didn't she backup her work? And why did she wait until the last minute?" Well, I can tell you why - WHERE"S THE FUN IN THAT? If you have ADHD, you will understand.

So now I am trying to learn this blogging business and, while not crashing the computer, have had a series of mishaps along the way. I will not bore you with the details since I don't even understand this enough to articulate what I'm doing wrong. But my blog isn't out there in cyberspace yet. I can't google it. Nobody can access it while randomly searching. And I can't even figure out how to add links and sidebar thingies. And then I keep forgetting my password and have to keep coming up with a new one. (Why doesn't this simple-minded fool just write it down? you ask. Here's why...WTFIT?)

This long, 4th of July weekend will be dedicated to (1) finishing off the completed Knitting projects, and (2) figuring out this blogging thing and lauching it into cyberspace. And actually following the directions from a book that I bought on blogging :}
Because I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid.

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