One of the things I find I am loving about Knitting is the variety of fibers available for the craft. For instance, a Knitter can choose between silky-smooth, wooly-rough, downy, velvety, buttery or crispy textures; pure colors, smoky colors, business-like colors, playful colors, technicolors; and decide whether to work with big, chunky and fast needles or tiny, precise and gratifying-delayed needles. You can Knit for yourself, your family and friends, your pets, babies, and people you don't know but who could use the gift of a warm snuggly while healing broken hearts, bodies and lives. So, for someone with ADD for whom variety is like nectar and boredom is intolerable, knitting is the perfect pasttime. No wonder I am loving it! I just realized I haven't blogged in several days. I have been using my time wisely instead. I Knitted 2 premie hats, a square for a stuffed bunny (pattern available on Heartstrings website), and bought some more yarn for my stash. I have 4 projects on the needles right now: 2 chemo caps, the basketweave scarf, and the French Market bag. I did a minimal amount of cleaning this weekend, ran some errands, watched my new favorite TV program, "Meerkat Manor", and slept in. Now I'm recharged for the work week. It's interesting watching myself develop a flow in my Knitting. I am a very sensory-oriented person and texture is something I am quite sensitive to (sorry for the bad grammer). The yarns I am using differ significantly in texture and I find it satisfying and pleasurable to Knit awhile with the buttery slip of Chinchilla, then shift to the rough crunchiness of the Swiss Chalet. When I start craving something different, I can either pick up the soft and wooly Cascade 220 or the cottony-smooth Simply Soft I am using for the baby hats. Just the texture contrasts alone are keeping me from getting bored. Speaking of boring, I apologize for the uninspired content of tonight's blog. So, I will try to make up for this by posting an amusing picture for your viewing enjoyment.

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