About Crickets And Criquettes And Such...

Even though I hate mid-summer, I do love the sound of the crickets singing their little hearts out for a date. And there are lots of Los Lonely Cricket-Boys singing for some sweet cricket-lovin' these past few days. Since I don't have any exciting Knitting news to share, I thought I'd turn our thoughts to our little crunchy friends today.

Crickets come in different sizes and colors:

They may be famous:

You can get them covered in velvety chocolate:

Or munch them straight from the can:

Did you know some crickets are particularly devout?:

This is also a Criquette.
She loveslovesloves crickets. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and for little crunchy snacks.
So if you are a Los lonely cricket who is thinking of taking up residence in my garage or basement, please reconsider if you value your life. And in case you are a cricket who doesn't read, please note the following scematic:



So for those crickets out there on the prairie who may not remember the Great Basement Cricket Massacres of 2004 (conducted single-pawedly by Criquette), let this serve as your final warning.

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