A Special Day

Today is special because, ** years ago, my little sister was born. My sister (aka "Sassy FouFou") is 10 years younger than me - I'm doing us both a favor by being discreet about her age. I probably had a bad case of sibling rivalry and can't say I was always nice to her, in fact, I tortured her on a regular basis because that's one of the jobs an older sibling has to do, right?

Anyway, she grew up to become one of my favorite people in the world. She is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted and forgiving people I know, as well as being a great cook and super mother. And she is an artist and the gift I am sending her is to remind her of that, even though she doesn't have time right now to focus on her art talent. Plus I am throwing in a little silliness, because don't we all need more silliness in our lives? (I am reminded of this every day by the fun, courageous kids I work with.)

So Happy, Happy Birthday, Sassy FouFou - hope your year is full of grace and blessings and joy and chocolate! Love, CriquetteAnne.
PS: I tried to post some cute pictures, but something is messed up with the server:(

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