Christmas in July

Maybe it's denial, or maybe it's a way of coping with the heat, or maybe it's just plain boredom. Whatever the reason, I gave in to an overwhelming urge to go to lys'g this afternoon. I was trying hard to stay away, because the last thing I need is more yarn and I accept the fact that I am not a person who can go to a knitting shop and "just look". So I justified the trip and the certain purchase by deciding that I need to knit some Christmas gifts and if I wait too long, I'll never get them finished on time, blahblahblah. So I found the idea for the pattern in the book Teen Knits. It calls for 2 colors of yarn (100 yds of each color), to be knit horizontally, first one color, then the second color. The end, that's it, how easy!

So I went to the first shop, a somewhat new place called Cottage Fiber in Mission, Kansas. PJ, the owner, is actually a spinner and weaver, and not a knitter. That means there's more roving and batting and other strange fluffy hunks of fiber than there is actual yarn for knitting. She does have lots of hanks of natural-colored yarns but I am not yet ready to try hand-dying so I did manage to restrain myself there. (Mental note to self - this is where I am heading when it is time to try hand-dying my own - I am already lusting for some silky alpaca that will knit up into a luscious scarf pour moi.)

Since I was "in the neighborhood" - alright, 10 miles away, close enough - I had to go explore a shop I have heard much about, The Studio. I don't know if I like it as much as KnitWit and The Yarn Shop, but I certainly liked it enough to buy yarn for not one, but 2 Christmas gifts! I did like the gals who work there a lot. not only were they all helpful, but there was a conversation going on about "knitting ADD" AKA the phenomenon of having about 23 projects all going at the same time. I love it, felt right at home with my own kind. Plus, they must have every single kind and color of Noro yarn, about which I have read so much on various knitting blogs. This will be my first time - popping the Noro cherry, so to speak. It already is enticing me to forget all of the other yarns that sit waiting for me, either on needles or in the stash, and cast it on, now, tonight. I am soooo weak....

So here is a picture of the latest stash members:

Starting from the left, the Noro Kuryon (#51) and it's partner, Lamb's Pride worsted in black; Cascade 128 Chunky (#183) and it's partner, Classic Elite "Beatrice" (#3272). It looks like the Kuryon will knit up in shades of grey, dark blue-green, sienna, and black - perfect for my quirky bil who takes himself way too seriously. The Cascade is a gorgeeeous shade of dark loden and the Beatrice, a smooth merino, is composed of 2 variegated yarns twisted together. It is in beautiful colors that remind me of pretty camo - light and dark leafy greens, chocolate and mocha, and light and dark thundercloud grey. It should make a sophisticated fashion statement for one of my Bambi-hunting brothers, who is obsessed with deer in much the same way I am obsessed with Knitting. Only this scarf will be his city scarf, used when he out hunting for parking places and the best spot for lunch.

So now I am going to sign off so I can go and pretend to knit some swatches and get started on Christmas, even though it's just July.

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