Existential Yarn

"Who am I? What's the meaning of my life? Why was I put here?"

As a knouveau knitter, I am continually learning not just the techniques of knitting, but the ways of experiencing the knitting process as well. For instance, I have read about many knitters who say the yarn "talks" to them. Naturally, as a psychologist-type person, I immediately think "delusional, perhaps even psychotic". What kind of people am I starting to emmulate here? But then I have my own moment of fiber insight - and all of sudden I GET IT.

That yarn I have for the funky scarf swap? I swear it's trying to talk to me. I started off with a pattern in mind, began knitting on #15 needles and 4 rows into it, Rosa (the yarn already came with a name. This disease hasn't yet progressed to the point where I am naming yarn on my own) said she didn't like what she was becoming and to stop now. So I did. Then we tried #17's because, well, she's sorta chubby in spots. Rosa said this was definitely NOT her, so we frogged and decided to try #13's - nope - then 11's. I don't think she's cut out to be the kind of scarf I wanted her to be (sigh). Problem is, she's clammed up and isn't giving me even a hint of what she has in mind. My yarn is having an identity crisis!

"I don't know what I want to be when I grow up..."

If this keeps up, I'll be bringing her to see a counselor who can maybe help her understand herself, gain some insight and help her figure out how to reach her true potential. Meanwhile, I'll go back to knitting on the urban camo who knew just what he wanted to be and hasn't suffered a moment of angst since being cast on.

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