The Yarn Who Doesn't Want To Grow Up And Leave Home

So, Rosa Parks Jr.
still has not decided what she wants to be when she grows up and she is now debating whether she actually wants to be anything or just live at home in the stash bin. After all, she has it pretty darn good there....it's cozy, she can hang out with her friends, she doesn't have to get out there and work or earn her keep, and she doesn't have to make any decisions. She can sleep in, watch TV all day and eat junk food. But, as a responsible yarn parent, it is my job to get those slacker skeins motivated and out there on their own.

The Slacker Yarn Children (aka "The Stash")

Therefore, I have agreed to help Rosa Jr. by knitting up some test swatches in different patterns to help make her decision a bit easier - think of it as career counseling for yarn. So far, she has decided she doesn't want to be a bias scarf, she is not drapy enough for 'feather and fan', and she has no interest in anything associated with drop stitches or eyelets. If she had it her way, she'd do the minimum neccesary and just work at being a long, straight garter stitch gal, but I know she has much more potential than to just settle for mediocricy.

I have a few more swatches to try. My goal is to have her make the decision by the end of this evening so I can begin knitting tomorrow.

And if this plan fails, I guess I can always start charging her rent.

"Give me back my chair or I'll eat you!"

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