It is still hot. It is still steamy. And it is ozoney. So my allergies are at an all-summer high and I am miserable, no matter what I take. So I am taking advantage of the fact I have no energy to do anything but to Knit, Knit, Knit. And as long as I am not challenged by any more than a simple garter stitich, we are cookin'. I am almost finished with a mystery project I started about 2 weeks ago and will bind off on that tonight, finally. I have also gotten most of the urban camoflage scarf finished and should bind off on that one tomorrow night. Here is a glimpse of the mystery project:

When I have allergies, I am brain dead. Unable to be clever, creative, or lucid for that matter. Bad timing since my practice is going into overtime, what with most of the schools starting this week. (Lucidity is a good trait in a therapist.) So, trying desperately to think of something to post that is interesting (at least to me), I have resorted to my usual desperate tactics of posting cute pictures of my canine and feline children. The first is Abbie, looking about as pathetic as it is possible for a beagle to look:

Try to imagine this face accompanied by incessent, heart-breaking little moans. And, no, I did not do this just to have a laugh at her expense...she had a bug bite on her tail and had chewed it raw. The vet made us do it. She is all better now, thanks to Dr. D and his Cone of Humiliation.
How hot has it been? Even Criquette has abandoned the porch in favor of air-conditioned comfort:

Stay cool ya'll.

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