Bad Blogger

I realize I haven't posted in 2 weeks. I've thought about it, and even started to a couple of times, but couldn't download my pictures, so have just been procrastinating in the hope that Blogger Beta was the one with the problem and that, if I ignored the problem, it would *magically* go away. And guess what? It did. I can now post again with no problems! So here is what I've been up to (besides being very busy with the back-to-school rush at work) the last couple of weeks...

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We spent several days down at the Redneck Riviera (aka "Lake of the Ozarks") at a relative's wonderful old stone and log cabin. We love it down there - no phone or TV although there is plumbing and air conditioning. It's like camping only better. I spent lots of time knitting (I worked on 5 projects, including the Funky Scarf), shopped at the outlet mall, went antiquing and caught up on sleep. One of the highlights was a trip to a cute little LYS in Osage Beach. The owner was so friendly. My hub was with me - well, he sat himself down at the table with the knitting chicks and just made himself at home. He asked lots of questions about their projects, learned about the importance of stash and then picked out the yarn for a scarf I'm going to make for his sister! He told me later that now he understands why I like hanging out with knitters so much.

So here is a not very good picture of 4 of the projects I worked on - the 5th is the funky scarf,which I am not yet ready to unveil. The 2 balls of yarn are the ones he chose - Noro Kureyon (#139) - he has good taste, doesn't he?

Starting at the top and moving clockwise are: a green basketweave kitty blanket for Bitsy BonTon, a basketweave man-scarf I've been working on for months now, the 2 balls of Noro, the lengthwise urban camo scarf and *surprise* Miss Rosa Parks finally decided what she wanted to be and became a gorgeous scarf while down at the lake. Therapy can be a good thing...It's the same pattern I am using for the funky scarf, so I will show her in her unfurled glory when I finish the FS.


Zarah said...

I like visiting the lake in the fall, it's not nearly as crowded and the fall colors are beautiful. Do you live near Osage Beach? I'm from Springfield. (Found your blog via FSS)

Criquette said...

Zarah, we were just visiting, but wish we did live there. We live around KC, but drive through Springfield every time we go down to New Orleans. Any good yarn emporiums down there?