Signs of Autumn!

I woke this morning to a beautifully grey, somewhat dreary day and I was excited! The temperature was in the low 60's and there are signs of that fall is peeking around the corner. The Weather Channel is predicting lows in the upper 50's and daytime highs for the next several days in the mid-70's. I love being able to fall asleep with the windows open. I ventured out into the garden and found these... more evidence that autumn is on the way.
Kousa Dogwood

Winterberry Holly

Beauty Bush

Scouting for a winter home - has not heard about about Criquette the Grasshopper Slayer

Abbie & Chloe have the prance back in their step and have been really frisky and playful. Criquette is wilder than her usual wild self and demands play time. Even the cranky Bitsy BonTon is hanging around and wanting to play. My own "summer-funk" is almost gone - my mood is lifting and my energy and motivation are returning. I am ALMOST at the point of wanting to do my fall cleaning of the entire house.

Walks! More Walks! More, more, more!

Play with me or I'll shred you!

Play with me or I'll crawl all over you and drool on your yarn!

Alas, 'Rosa Parks' Jr.'s identity crisis continued, despite some brief, intensive therapy.

Not a simulation

After frogging the fourth attempted project, I decided she needed some quiet time to reflect some more, so have sent her to the stash house indefinitely. Hopefully, she will snap out of it in time for me to knit her into a lovely Christmas gift.

Meanwhile, I found a replacement yarn, a charming little self-striping number by Trendsetter, called "Tonalita". She knew exactly what she wanted to be and even what size needles she wanted me to use. The pattern is probably an experienced beginner level pattern, easy enough, but I have had to learn how to do SSK's and short row stitches and it is definitely challenging my limited attention span. Here's the progress I made since starting it last night...

This yarn is soft, fuzzy and yet has quite a bit of body. It does split rather easily, so I really have to keep an eye on it. This isn't something I can knit while I watch TV! But I am having a lot of fun with the pattern and the surprise from watching the various colors come off of the ball. I am already in love with this scarf and will have a hard time parting with it but I think my funky scarf pal is really going to be happy with it!

The sun is now coming out and the temps are still comfortable and there's a little breeze, so I feel my garden calling me so I'm off to enjoy this late summer day and to dream about autumn.

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