8/29/05: In Memorium

Today my heart is heavy as I remember my beloved city, New Orleans. I grieved hard one year ago, as I watched in horror as a vibrant, carefree and wonderfully diverse city drowned and its people suffered and despaired. They are still suffering, and struggling, and despairing...wondering if there will ever again be life as they and their families knew it. I still grieve for the people and the city.

I am unable to articulate the feelings and thoughts I have had through all of this. There is a mixture of relief, that I escaped the trauma and suffering, as well as guilt because I wasn't there. I still have days of tears and depression, even for those I don't know. And of course, for my city. And although she has been broken and disfigured and beaten down, has not given up and never will. And because New Orleans and her people have not given up, the true Spirit of New Orleans lives on and will always be my city and my heart's home.

God bless New Orleans and her people. Amen.

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