Funky & Pretty & Soft, Oh My!

Look at this little piece of prettiness! My partner, Valerie did good! Not only is the yarn incredible, but the colors are luscious. Since I almost always wear dark colored jackets to work, I can toss this on and really jazz up my look. The kids I work with are just going to love it too! I'm wearing it Friday and can't wait.

Valerie was also incredibly generous with the other gifts she sent along. I received the rest of the yarn from the scarf and I am thinking of trying my hand at a moebius headband to keep my little ears warm as well. There were some delicious candies, all of which are some of my favorites - candy corn, punkin peeps (I started eating them the second the picture was taken), some decadent Lindt truffles, and some sugar-free (LOL) Jelly Bellies. (BTW, I use JellyBellies in my work with OCD germ-issues - we smush them on the floor and then eat them- yes I am crazy, but the germs haven't killed me yet and the carpet dirt adds a yummy layer of texture and besides this is a legitimate behavioral technique called exposure.)

And look at these treasures! My first sock yarns! 2 skeins of Koigu and a chunk of Scout's hand-dyed loveliness, all in some of my favorite colors for wearing! I was just wondering the other day if I was ready to learn sock-knitting. I guess this is a sign. Does anyone have any suggestions for a beginner on which pattern to start with? How did I get so lucky? Thanks, thanks, thanks Valerie - you have made my first swap special and something to remember.

And here's the really funny part...I heard back from MY secret partner who was none other than....Valerie! What fun! I wonder if she knew...hope I didn't mess up with the same email address and such.

Finished watching Project Runway...Wednesday nights are sure going to boring now, knitting without anything good to watch on TV. I originally wanted Michael to win, but felt his collection was the weakest of the 4. I loved Laura's collection but never liked Laura very much - too tightly wound and a tattletale at that. I have liked Uli's clothes but didn't think she could make it as far as she did, until I saw her collection which was so lust-inducing and I am not a fashionista by any means. Jeffrey 's actual style isn't something I can relate to, but I do admire his overall artistic sensibility and to be honest, felt there was something likeable about him despite his tough persona. Bottom line: I was pulling for Uli to win but I'm not sorry to see Jeffrey win. Dad's who love their kids hit my soft spot.

Finally, I have been in denial about something that is hard for parents to face. You want your kids to be happy and healthy and when they're not you blame yourself and go into denial. Well, I can't deny it any more - Abbie has trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and dermatomania (skin-picking) both of which fall into the OCD spectrum. See the big patch on her tail and the scab on her haunch? How ironic that she did all this damage while I was at an OCD conference! She had a "hotspot" a while back (remember the cone of shame?) but it had no cause the vet could discern. And she mostly does this when she's bored and stressed. Just like the kids I treat who pull their hair and pick at their skin. So how do you do relaxation training and habit reversal with a beagle? Is there a dog shrink reading this? Help! PS: She keeps stealing the cone when it is put up somewhere and is trying to eat it - she has about 3/4's left to go.

Where's the Puppy Prozac?


katrog said...

Lovely scarf--and thank you for posting about your work. I came here to check out the funky scarf, but was glad to find the OC information and referral to OC foundation since a family member was recently diagnosed.

A good basic sock pattern (top down, dpn's) is the Yankee Knitter #29 and WendyKnits has an excellent toe up pattern. Truth be told, I took a class at my LYS because I almost poked my eye out with metal dpn's trying it on my own. LOL


Criquette said...

Thanks so much for the sock suggestions! I've used the dreaded dpn's a couple of times now, for baby hats and the kitty pi and it has involved much frustration and cursing. Please check back for future updates on OCD.