There's No Place Like Home, Toto!

Just got back from an intensive weekend in St. Louis, stuffing my tiny brain full of info about OCD and effective treatments. I got to meet a few of the "OCD Gurus", who are all very funny, as well as extremely knowledgeable about a very challenging disease. I also had the chance to make some great new friends and colleagues - thanks to Jennifer, Ann, and Nancy for making the workshop extra fun! I can't wait to try out some of my new techniques on the very special kids with OCD that I have the pleasure of treating. Anyone who may be interested in learning more about Obesessive Compulsive Disorder can find excellent information from the OC Foundation.

The drive over to St. Louis was such a joy - I-70 runs through some incredibly beautiful scenery - and it was one of those gorgeous, golden autumn days. The hotel I stayed in was right by the lovely Forest Park and was an unexpected surprise. I had a great view of the skyline - can you see the Arch in the picture? (Hint: It's in the center, near the bottom of the picture. Trust me, it's there.)

And look how cute the room was - kind of funky for a chain hotel, no? - sort of Mid-century modern although it may be hard to tell from these pictures. And the bed, with its incredible puffy duvet, fluffy down pillows and sinkable mattress just made it even better. I hated to leave it each day. I loved the bed & co so much, I wanted to marry it! or at least have a honeymoon with it and just stay in it day and night. And the staff seemed to go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. So thank you, Hampton Inn, for a great stay!

The only sad part of the trip was that there was no time to find and visit any yarn stores :( so I came home empty-handed. I did get some knitting in every night, snuggled in my wonderful bed, though.

But the best part of all was coming home tonight and being greeted by the welcoming committee - C gave me a kiss, hauled in my luggage and told me it was time for me to be home, Abbie had stuffed 3 of her toys in her mouth as my welcome home gift, Chloe did a wild yipping/crying/moaning/runaroundthekitchen dance, Criquette begged to be picked up and then commenced to drool all over me, and Bitsy BonTon came out from her hiding place for about a second, looked at me, hissed, then ran away. There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home...

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