Scary Knitting

Okay, I'm starting something really scary today. I'm taking my next steps as a newbie knitter by branching out with a sweater! Actually, a tiny sweater, more of a kimono actually - a straight knitting pattern that involves lots of shaping and then sewing 2 seams - I think I can manage this. I am making the "heartbreakingly cute baby kimono" from the Mason-Dixon book, which is also the first book of knitting patterns that I have bought. Wow, I feel so knitterly! I am also knitting on tinier needles than I have previously used - size 6 Clover bamboo. And the yarn, luscious and satiny-soft, in ghostly white (appropriate for Halloween) is Classic Yarns Cashsoft Baby DK.

I am going to try casting on and knitting in between little visitors seeking high-octane sugar treats, we'll see how that goes. Have a fun and safe and sugary H'night!


Anonymous said...

Prairie Gumbo,
Where is your "True Confessions"
Wednesday? They're very interesting. I hope it comes back soon.
Sassy FouFou

Celia Pleete said...

Good luck with your knitting adventure...also, where on earth did you find that insane cat picture? It cracked me up.