Goodbye Turkeys, Time For Christmas

This is one of the things I did over the long weekend. I started knitting a pretty blue scarf for a niece. Love the pattern but I have to pay more attention than I am used to and so have done several rows of frogging. I did finally figure out that too many glasses of Cabernet and knitting that requires attention do not mix. Duh.

The girls all had lots of turkey for dinner and took extra-long naps.

Chloe wasn't too full to pass up her nightly treat, though!

Time to get back to my knitting. The green urban camo scarf is back on the needles - the correct length this time - and 2/3's finished. I also have 2 others on the needles - a blue Tonalita diagonal scarf for one of my SIL's and the blue for my niece. Hope to have all 3 finished by next Sunday. I'd like to get 4 more finished before Christmas and I think I should be able to get this done.

We found out that the house is finally supposed to get finished. Our new (and vastly improved) project manager, Paul, said he wants to have us all done before Christmas. He has been an angel - he has really advocated for us and is making sure that we will end up with the house we thought we were getting. He is a perfectionist and has found problems we didn't even realize we had. If I can get my furniture, rugs and pictures into place before Christmas Eve, I will have gotten the best gift I've had in a long time!

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