Little Snowstorm on the Prairie

First snow of the season on the prairie tonight. What is usually a 15 minute drive to work took me 1 hour earlier this evening. It's 15 degrees and we've had about 5 inches of beautiful, fluffy snow that sparkles in the light. If you live further north this may seem like mild winter conditions. But consider this: At 5pm Tuesday, the temperature was 71. When I went to work on Wednesday, the temperature was 56 and by noon it was 30. Yes, I live in the land of temperature mood swings, where this kind of sudden plunge is common. Not at all good for the sinuses, but keeps life exciting!

I like it this cold and LOOOOOVVVVVE the snow so I am in my element. I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with Abbie warming my feet while I knitted 24" worth of the Kureyon scarf for my SIL. Happy, happy, happy. I can't wait until I can go out tomorrow and walk around in the snow and hopefully it will pack down enough to let me make a snowman.

Chloe and Abbie don't mind going out so much as long as they can stay warm. They agreed to model 2 of the scarves I have finished for Christmas for some teenage relatives, but declined to wear them outside to use the bathroom. They told me they would really prefer some sweaters in a nice merino handspun instead. At least my dogs have good taste.

This is so not my color!

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