Kid Stuff

One of my favorite poems is this one, written during World War II by an African-American poet named Frank Horne. It is simple and yet profound. And very, very relevant for us now.

Kid Stuff

The wise guys

tell me
that Christmas
is Kid Stuff...
Maybe they've got
something there --

Two thousand years ago
three wise guys
chased a star
across a continent
to bring
frankincense and myrrh
to a Kid
born in a manger
with an idea in his head...

And as the bombs
all over the world
the real wise guys
that we've all
got to go chasing stars
in the hope
that we can get back
some of that
Kid Stuff
born two thousand years ago --

Frank Horne
December, 1942

This Christmas, please pray for that Christmas promise of Peace On Earth, Good Will To All. And in the spirit of the season, God bless us, everyone.

I won't be posting for the next week as I will be sans computer, enjoying the holidays with most of my family down in New Orleans. I will be back posting on New Year's Day and hope to have some photos and a report on the some of the lys's post-Katrina (and yes, I will be adding to my stash because how can I do research without buying?).

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