Weird? Who, Meme?

So in my daily attempts at procrastinating having to return phone calls or do my charting, I was surfing the blogosphere and ran across this fun little exercise from Theresa at Keyboard Biologist.

It's a meme called "6 Weird Things About Me". It's my first meme, and since I think I'm kind of weird, it seemed like a natural. And since I haven't done a "True Confessions" Wednesday in a couple of weeks, this can take its place this week. And since I'm not tagging either, leave me a comment and let me know if you're putting this on your blog and I will come over and visit you!

Why am I weird? Let me count the ways...

1. I like to repeat certain words over and over in my head, for no other reason than because it is entertaining. My current favorite is "monkey" with the first syllable really drawn out. I also like the word "onamotopia".

2. I love to sing to my kitties when I am alone. Loudly. In my best operatic voice (cough). Current favorites: excerpts from "Carmen" or "Everything's Coming Up Roses". I have taught this behavior to most of my nieces and nephews as well.

3. I am the only member of my immediate or extended family (even going back several generations) who was not born in southern Louisiana. Not even born south of the Mason-Dixon line. I was born in Aberdeen, Maryland when my dad was stationed there. We moved back to New Orleans when I was 3 months old. According to mother, that's why I grew up to be so oppositional and difficult.

4. I hate and despise movies in which there is violence and yet, some of my favorite movies are anything by Quentin Tarrantino, especially the Kill Bills.

5. I have postal-phobia. I avoid anything having to do with mailing things at all costs, until it is absolutely neccessary. I have always been this way and haven't a clue why.

6. One of my top 5 goals for 2007 is to learn juggling. I have toyed with this idea for several years now and have finally met someone who is willing to teach me - a 9 year old who is quite skilled already. We started today, with me just working on being able to catch 1 ball that I toss into the air. Oh, I have so far to go...

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Gina said...

HeHe....I get stuck on words too! Usually it is an onomatopaeic word, like clickity-clack that will go around and around and..... yeah