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Thursday night

Friday night

Cody (now re-renamed Oscar) went home with his new parents and doggy sister on Friday afternoon, leaving only Griff without a forever family. Of course, we have spoiled him almost rotten, by playing extra time with him, giving him some extra treats and of course lots and lots of cuddles. He has actually settled in quite well, only wimpering for about 5 minutes Friday night before falling asleep. We're continuing to potty train him. He has learned to fetch and sits on command, even without treats.

I'm sorry I don't have a third picture that would be captioned "Saturday and Sunday". But since Griff's brothers have left, he has been joining the "big dogs" Chloe and Abbie on their walks and then playing with them a while. We were afraid he wouldn't be able to keep pace, but after a little more than a mile walk, guess who was trotting out at the front of the pack?

We took him down to the shelter yesterday and today. We had several people interested, but none of them were the right fit. We were lucky enough to hook up with MOKAN Border Collie Rescue, and since he has so many BC traits, they are cross-listing him on their website and helping us find him a great permanent home.

Earlier this week, I finished knitting up a scarf made from the chocolate brown alpaca, which needs to have ends woven in and blocking. I am knitting small swatches on my next project - a spring scarf. I lovelovelove the yarns I am using and can't wait to get started on it sometime this week.

And, as if I have unlimited free time, I learned a new little pasttime. I will post about it next blog. I will say that it involves the wooly stuff, but that's all. You'll just need to come back, okay?


Sonya said...

He looks sad to be alone. After hearing his story I want him! I wonder if that is even possible.
I would love to see the scarf you make with the alpaca.

Dianne said...

Griff looks like a such a little sweetie. He is a lucky little boy that you are committed to finding a perfect fit for him before letting him go to a forever family.

I posted yesterday about the mitred square blankie and where I got the pattern, where to find the tutorials, and the (very minor) changes I made to it for my own sanity.

Thanks for continuing to send good thoughts to sweet Mellie (and me!). She ate a good breakfast this morning, so today is going to be a good day!

Don't keep us in suspense for long - what is your new skill?